Good start???

Note from Kevin:

We are here in Namibia, nice people, good food and very clean. We are staying few miles from where the tour group is staying , so I thought it would be a good idea to ride over and pump up my tires with a good pump with a pressure gauge on it. First off they drive on the wrong side of the road. Instinct says to swerve right when flustered, here it puts you right into oncoming traffic. Quite unnerving.
Finally I got to the group camp, the crew was there along with a few other riders. I found a pump, started with the back tire took it up to 60 psi and boom, blew the tire off the rim. It splattered tire sealant all over the area and me… the next 45 minutes was spent trying to reseat the uncooperative tubeless tire that now has a tube in it.
I’m sure they are thinking what the hell is he doing here… Oh well first impressions…
Off we go tomorrow. Maybe things will go better. Looking forward to it


Note from Kim:

Day 2 of riding is complete. 13 more to go! I note safely from my cozy office. (hee hee hee)



The countdown is on


Eric, Troy, Kevin with our local friend

We arrived safe in Windhoek on Monday! We made it, Mike (the “Hobinator”) made it, the bikes made it, and Eric arrived on Tuesday.

Met the riders and crew we will be hanging with for the 1,200 miles. It’s unfathomable that, like Mike, most have ridden bicycles here from Cairo, Egypt. Tough crowd!

I went for a short ride yesterday. It felt good. It’s the singleness of purpose I like.  Once on the bike all you have to do is pedal. Nothing else really matters.

Gil and Eric

Gil & Eric

Did have one small setback – Kevin was pumping his tubeless tire and the friggen thing exploded! That tire is no longer tubeless.

My sister Elizabeth’s chocolate chip cookies also made it to Africa. They were devoured on the spot. Mike especially liked them. Of course he is burning around 7,000 calories per day so he can eat what he wants.Cookies

Mike, Troy, Kevin & Eric

Our first day begins tomorrow. 114 kilometers on dirt roads.  Hope last night’s Zebra and Kudo steaks (I’m not making this up!) don’t have any negative side effects.

Many thanks to all of you have supported this effort. Gil


Mike ~ “the Hobinator”

Off to Africa!

Amigos y Amigas,

We (brothers Gil & Troy Gillenwater, Kevin Johansen & Eric Brandenburg) have decided to shake up our comfortable lives & embark on our own “Extreme Sport/Extreme Karma” fundraising event.

Get this…

Our friend, Mike Hobin, is riding the entire continent of Africa from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa – 7,500 miles. Can you believe it? We will be joining Mike in Windhoek, Namibia and riding the final 1,200 miles into Cape Town – in 15 days.

Kevin-Gil-Troy-AZ-1800Mike started riding on January 15, 2016, and we will join him on April 28th. Namibia has the largest sand dunes in the world and 30% of the roads will be paved. Now that’s an adventure.

Mike is a Rancho Feliz “Guardian Warrior” and he is raising money for Rancho Feliz. We want to do the same.

So please check out our posts and support our efforts with a donation. (Our shared goal is $50,000 and all donations go directly to the charity and not funding our trip.)

We are firm believers that in our relative existence, comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort. And if occasionally we don’t ask ourselves,

“What in the ever loving world have I gotten myself into!”

We’re not doing it right.

Talk with you soon!

Gil, Troy, Kevin & Eric