Computer Learning Center


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In an unprecedented move the Federal Government of Mexico, under its department, I.S.E.A. (Adult Education of Sonora), chose the Vecinos neighborhood to be the site of a fully accredited Computer Learning Center. Opened in 2004, this is the first time the Federal Government of Mexico has teamed with a private organization in an international, educational, cooperative effort. With Vecinos providing the building, the government provides the computers, teachers, video learning equipment and curriculum and other furniture and equipment necessary to completely outfit and operate the Computer Learning Center. The only ongoing expense that Vecinos incurs is the electricity for the building.

Now, ambitious adults in Agua Prieta have a means for increasing their knowledge and employability and ultimately shaking off the shackles of inherited poverty. Already, hundreds of adult students have completed their courses earning certification. This certificate helps them earn higher pay in the local maquiladoras (factories) and increase their social mobility and status. When the adults are not scheduled, the neighborhood children keep the facility running at full capacity.

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