Still learning

5-7-16 More lessons I’ve learned while bicycling across Namibia. (Preface – these are my personal lessons learned. I speak for none of the other participants as everyone’s experiences are different): 9) It is possible to sit on a bicycle seat for 9½ hours as I did yesterday for 172 kilometers (not including lunch and waterRead More >

Lessons learned…

[Gil getting some price quotes] Ok – lessons I’ve learned while bicycling across Namibia: 1) Never, and I mean never, jump in with a group of seasoned, hard-core cyclists for the last 1,200 miles when they’re on the final stretch of their unfathomable 7,500 mile ride and expect to keep up. 2) Namibia is aRead More >

About that quote…

[Photo: Troy, Kevin, Gil & Eric on our first rest day in largest sand dunes in the world ] I do remember mentioning that occasionally one should put oneself in a position to ask “What in the ever loving world have I gotten myself into!” At this very moment I cannot recall the exact thought processRead More >

Good start???

Note from Kevin: We are here in Namibia, nice people, good food and very clean. We are staying few miles from where the tour group is staying , so I thought it would be a good idea to ride over and pump up my tires with a good pump with a pressure gauge on it.Read More >

The countdown is on

Eric, Troy, Kevin with our local friend We arrived safe in Windhoek on Monday! We made it, Mike (the “Hobinator”) made it, the bikes made it, and Eric arrived on Tuesday. Met the riders and crew we will be hanging with for the 1,200 miles. It’s unfathomable that, like Mike, most have ridden bicycles here fromRead More >

Here we go…

After 5 months of training… We’re finally off to Namibia. Meeting up with Kevin in Seattle. Hope the bikes make it!

Off to Africa!

Amigos y Amigas, We (brothers Gil & Troy Gillenwater, Kevin Johansen & Eric Brandenburg) have decided to shake up our comfortable lives & embark on our own “Extreme Sport/Extreme Karma” fundraising event. Get this… Our friend, Mike Hobin, is riding the entire continent of Africa from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa – 7,500Read More >

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