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“I was rescued from my destiny.”

Nayeli Ruiz – Rancho Feliz Scholar
From the slums of Agua Prieta, México
to a degree in Industrial Engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey


Since 1987, we have invested over $10 million in “construction infrastructure” along
our southern border so that families can live with dignity in their home country.

Rancho Feliz’s current focus is education. Education is the only sustaining and self-empowering solution to the problems that imprison Mexico’s poor.


The average factory wage in Agua Prieta hovers around $10.00 per day – $3,000 per year. Yet the cost of goods is 80% of ours here in Scottsdale. The sad fact is many families cannot afford to keep their children in school.

Once a child’s education is abandoned his or her fate is sealed. These discarded children are known as “Throw-Aways”. Illiteracy and grinding poverty breed a life of hopelessness. Drugs, prostitution and illegal immigration flourish in this garden of despair.


In 2005 Rancho Feliz launched its Scholarship Programs. Managed by volunteer Board Member, Jim Armstrong (founder and former CEO of JDA Software), Jim insists the Programs be run like a business. “My goal as the Volunteer Educational Director is to see that your and my charitable investments with Rancho Feliz reap the human profit of liberating thousands from the bondage of ignorance.”

By educating a child we can leverage your donation. Educated people educate their children. In this way your original investment compounds geometrically for hundreds – perhaps thousands – of generations to come. What a legacy!

To date, over 1,000 students have stayed in school on Rancho Feliz scholarships.

Please visit the 3 Programs listed above and see how you can best help change the world by educating a child.

It costs so little to educate a boy or a girl, but it
costs the planet a fortune not to educate them.


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