Educational Endowment


$1,000,000.00 Goal
$1,000 Balance as of 2017

Letter from Jim Armstrong,
Education Director


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Over the years Rancho Feliz has sponsored hundreds of scholarships from Pre-School thru University. As educated adults, these graduates are now “giving back” by helping their country of Mexico find its way into the global economics of the future. Likewise, educated people raise educated children. In this way our efforts are multiplied for generations to come.

And who does this better world benefit?
All of us!


To commit to a child’s education is a twelve year – or more – financial obligation.


To insure that this commitment is never broken, Rancho Feliz has established an Educational Endowment. This will allow our educational support to continue in perpetuity, long after we and our sponsors are gone.


We make a pledge to our students that we will support them in following their ambitions as far as possible. Our current goal for the Rancho Feliz Educational Endowment is $1,000,000.  As you can see by our fundraising thermometer,  we need your help to make this vision a reality. Provide a child a future – donate today!



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