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To sponsor a scholarship for the 2018-2019 school year please contact Kim at or call her at 602-538-9192

Rancho Feliz
“Guardian Warrior”
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In the Human Family they are all OUR Children
and we will profit or pay for what becomes of them.

(For their bio and how to donate, click on a student’s name.)


Beginning in 1999, Rancho Feliz constructed a 3½ acre affordable housing community. Known as “Vecinos Dignos sin Fronteras” (Worthy Neighbors without Borders) this visionary neighborhood houses approximately 150 people. It soon became apparent that the public school system was inadequate. Our Vecinos children were not realizing their full potential.


In answer to this challenge, Rancho Feliz formed an educational alliance with two fully accredited, private bi-lingual schools in Agua Prieta: Colegio Americano Anais, for grades kindergarten, elementary and junior high and Colegio Benemerito de Las Americas for high school. The “Guardian Warrior” Private Scholarship Sponsor Program was born.



This program averages 60 students per year. And the results are unprecedented. All Vecinos children now speak English and conduct their schoolwork on computers. Many have already graduated attending higher education in Mexico, Europe and the United States. For more in-depth biographies follow this link: (include link here)


The total per year Scholarship requirement is $2,400 (which includes tuition, books, field trips, etc.) This tax-deductible donation can be paid in one lump sum or in monthly installments of $200. Scholarship Sponsors include individuals, families, businesses, churches, schools, civic groups and even a selection of friends.

Upon becoming a Sponsor you will receive a photograph and biography of your Sponsorship child, periodic letters and e-mails written in English by your child, grade reports and other updates of interest. Likewise, if you are so inclined, communication with your sponsored child can be facilitated through Rancho Feliz. Many of our Sponsorships have developed into lasting international friendships.

A child’s future is waiting for you!

For a complete document outlining the participating schools and program policies, i.e. ages and grades, application and selection process, volunteer requirements, scholastic requirements and photos, etc. follow this link: Rancho Feliz “Guardian Warrior” Private Scholarship Sponsor Grant Summary




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