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Rancho Feliz “Barrio” Scholarship Program


In Agua Prieta, Mexico an estimated 500 students drop out of high school and university each year because they cannot afford the $220 annual tuition for high school or the $400 per year for University.


Once a child’s education is abandoned his or her fate is sealed. On the border, illiteracy and grinding poverty breed a life of hopelessness. Drugs, prostitution and illegal immigration flourish in this garden of despair. What a waste of a human life. These drop out students are known as “Throw-Aways”.


The merit-based Rancho Feliz “Barrio” Scholarship Program currently funds 133 scholarships at the 3 local high schools and 1 university. To date, over 1,000 deserving students have participated.


The minimum donation is 1 full scholarship – though we encourage multiples.

$660 – funds all three years of High School

$1,600 – funds all four years of University

A name, short bio and photograph will be provided for each student sponsored.

Donate today. Students’ futures are waiting for you!

For a complete document outlining the participating schools and program policies, i.e. ages and grades, application and selection process, volunteer requirements, scholastic requirements and photos, etc. follow this link: Barrio Scholarship Program Grant Summary

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