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Rancho Feliz
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The biggest BANG for your charitable buck……?
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Help us get a proven student across the educational finish line!

“Guardian Warrior” Scholarship Programs
Initiated in 2005, our scholarship programs allow us to shepherd the educational destiny of underprivileged children from 40 days of age up and through university. These kids are driven to learn! Education is their only path out of poverty.

University Scholarship Program
The educational quality of state universities in Mexico is high. Many of our students are now graduating high school eager to continue their educations. Accordingly, we have established the “Guardian Warrior” University Scholarship Program.

Be a Global Change Agent!
Want to solve the illegal immigration issue? With a university degree, our students are empowered to help Mexico transition from a third world country into a first world country providing educational and employment opportunities for all its citizens.

Not a freebie! “Cross-Border Partners in Education”
This isn’t welfare – it is a powerful partnership. University Scholarship recipients are required to fund an additional scholarship upon their graduation. This Pay-it-Forward program compounds your educational investment. Parental Co-Pay requirements are in place.  Minimum Grade Point averages must be met. Scholarships are earned – not given.

INVESTMENT – $4,500 per year for 4 1/2 years
This tax-deductible donation can be paid in one lump sum or in monthly $375 installments. Sponsors can include individuals, families, businesses, churches, schools, civic groups and even a selection of friends.

Sponsors receive photographs, biographies, grade reports and periodic correspondence written by the students in English.  Many of our Sponsorships have developed into lasting international friendships.

A student’s destiny is waiting for you!
For a complete document outlining the program policies, volunteer requirement, parent participation, scholastic requirements, etc. follow this link: (link to be added)

For a bio, photo and how to donate, click on a students name to the right.

“This is how we change the world.”

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