Food Distributions

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“We feed their stomachs and they feed our souls.”

“Guardian Warrior” Food Distribution Program

In Agua Prieta, Mexico many families cannot afford proper food. Cheap high-carbohydrate diets demand obesity and starve developing young minds. Once a child’s early brain development is compromised thru bad diet his or her fate is sealed.

Years of trial and error have empowered us to design a food distribution program that helps alleviate the nutritional, employment and self-image poverty of the poor, the purpose poverty of the affluent, helps keep kids in school and cleans up the City of Agua Prieta – all at the same time.

FOOD – Rancho Feliz purchases its food in bulk from local Agua Prieta suppliers. Typically 22,000 pounds of food (11 tons) is purchased at a cost of approximately $11,000.00. This will feed 5,000 people for a week.

RECYCLABLE CLOTH FOOD BAGS – In an effort not to exacerbated Agua Prieta’s plastic garbage pandemic, while at the same time providing much-needed employment for its Vecinos residents, Rancho Feliz formed the Vecinos Sewing Team. Recognizable, bright orange, reusable, cloth food bags are made to package the food.

VOLUNTEERING – The bulk food is broken down and placed into 1,000 recyclable food bags by our American and Mexican volunteers working in tandem. Each bag weighs 22 pounds and contains 12 food items – enough food to feed a family of 5 for a week. In addition, a warm blanket is provided to each qualifying family.

SELECTION COMMITTEE – Transparency is foundational and food bags are only distributed to those truly in need. To insure the integrity of the program we formed a Food Distribution Selection Committee.

FOOD DISTRIBUTION TICKETS – Rancho Feliz designed a brightly colored, numbered and informative Food Distribution Ticket. The ticket serves two functions: 1) utilitarian, allowing only one bag per family, and 2) educational, the ticket is kept by the recipient to study its anti-littering message.

RECIPIENTS “EARN” THEIR FOOD – This is not “welfare”. To be eligible the recipient has to collect a minimum of 20 pieces of discarded plastic bags and/or bottles. Under our “Limpieza por Becas” (Cleaning Up for Scholarships) the plastic is recycled with proceeds funding local scholarships. In this way recipients are not relegated to “beggars”. Rather they earned their food by helping clean up their City and keeping kids in school. This contribution provides dignity to the recipients.

Our average food distribution results in the following:

• Employment for the Vecinos Sewing Team
• American “Exchange Program” volunteers actively involved
• Vecinos neighbors volunteer satisfying their residency requirements
• $21,000 injected into the local economy
• 5,000 people fed
• 1,000 warm blankets distributed
• 500,000 pieces of plastic garbage removed from the streets
• 5,000 pounds of plastic garbage recycled
• 5 high school scholarships funded with plastic recycle proceeds

This is an incredibly successful program. The total amount required to fund a Rancho Feliz “Guardian Warrior” Food Distribution to feed 5,000 people for a week is $21,000 (which includes the food, blankets and recyclable cloth food bags).

* Rancho Feliz also offers an $11,000 Economical Food Distribution option. Under this format we replace the chicken with seasonal fruit, remove the sugar, remove the blanket and do not screen print Rancho Feliz’s logo on the recyclable cloth bags (see Exhibit A in the Proposal linked below).

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