Gil Gillenwater

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Gil Gillenwater


After the:
1997, 678-mile “Run Across Arizona”
1998, 850-mile “Biking Thru Borders”
2002, 205-mile “Tour de El Tigre”
2005, 519-mile “The Frijole 500”
2009, 350-mile “Ride the Rez”
2013, 50-mile   “BIGGER than Borders”
2014, 100-mile “BIGGER than Borders”
2016, 1,200-mile “Tour d’ Afrique” Biking in Africa

I said: “Never Again!”

But these Extreme Sport/Extreme Karma events are how we fund our volunteer efforts. And if it means entering the 2016 Rancho Feliz “Lost Tequila Trail 400” Ride  and riding a bicycle 400 miles so that we can feed 5,000 people for a week and keep them warm in the winter then I’ll climb back in the saddle yet one more time. (Plus it will get my dead-ass off the couch!)

My fundraising goal is $5,000!

So I’ll do the pedaling and if you do the pledging together we can make a big difference in our world.

Please donate generously. 

~ Thank you!


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