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Kathleen Kirk

Kathleen Kirk Riding

Kathleen Kirk went to Rancho Feliz in Agua Prieta, Mexico directly after riding the Cochise Classic 97 miler. Friends asked if the ride was hard. This is what she shared with them:

“What is hard or challenging depends on perspective. Compared to what? Arriving in Mexico only to be greeted by a HUGE street load of perhaps thousands of people dragging bags filled with garbage, to clean up the area, with the hope of exchanging it for a bag of food was overwhelming, painful and downright shocking. We got to work filling the boxes and bags. Then it became heart wrenching when we ran out of food to give those who had waited patiently for many hours in the sun. All I had left to give was Love so I gave out hugs and think it was me who was beyond touched by the poor thanking me in Spanish for being there. The contrast from riding a nice bike, eating snacks along the way to this situation took me tearfully to my knees. What am I doing in this life to assist others who deserve dignity, decent living conditions and face extreme challenges with few opportunities?

So please join me in donating money, time and spreading the word to help our brothers and sisters in this world. See the Rancho Feliz site to be inspired and to open the eyes of your soul to what joy there is in giving to our fellow humans.
With love,

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