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Sterilization Clinic

Hundreds of dogs, many of them homeless, roam the streets of Agua Prieta. These animals are exposed to the elements, to hunger, thirst, abuse and injury. Those that are ill suffer greatly.  Each year countless dogs are captured and put down by the city’s animal-control personnel.  Prior to Mexico Mutts’ involvement these dogs were executed by painful and traumatic electrocution – a draconian practice that is illegal in the United States. Mexico Mutts introduced and trained the Agua Prieta personnel in more humane and widely accepted methods of euthanasia.

Rancho Feliz established the Mexico Mutts Program to reduce the suffering of neglected and abused dogs. Along with pet adoptions and changing the mindset of pet owners and city officials, the program’s primary focus is funding sterilization services in Agua Prieta. Spay / neuter services are provided free of charge to pet owners via our voucher program.  In this way, Mexico Mutts positively impacts the quality of life of animals along the border.


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