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Over the years Rancho Feliz has introduced several loving families to adoptable children. While Mexican adoption used to be a time consuming and complicated process – this is no longer the case. The procedures for adopting a Mexican child have greatly simplified. For a complete guide to adopting in Mexico, please visit this web-site: http://childfound.org/countries/mexico/

If you are interested in adopting a child from Agua Prieta please contact our Mexican associate volunteer, Queta Ibarrola: dvijr1@msn.com Queta lives in Agua Prieta and administers the City’s state-sanctioned orphanage. Queta will be happy to discuss available children and policies. And Rancho Feliz will be happy to house you and your family in a private room(s) at our Exchange Dormitory in the event you want to travel to Agua Prieta to meet with Queta and visit the orphanage and its adorable residents.

At Rancho Feliz we believe there is no larger act of courage than providing an abandoned child a loving home and a future of promise.

Disclaimer: Mexican Adoption is a regulated and legal process. It is best handled by a qualified attorney/facilitator. (Please refer to the web-site listed above.) Rancho Feliz is not in the adoption business. We can only refer you to the people and sources that can effect a lawful and legitimate adoption.


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