Vecinos Community Gardens



$500 Will fund the construction of a single community garden. This includes straw bales, soil, compost, seeds and artful fencing.

$200 Will fund a Gardening Workshop conducted at the Vecinos community and offered free to the residents of Agua Prieta. Help us help the people of Agua Prieta to regain their health, right in their own backyards!

$100 Will fund the monthly maintenance of a single garden. This includes Master Gardener salary, tools, water, fence maintenance and soil amendment.

$50 Will fund the purchase and planting of a single fruit or nut-bearing tree. This includes the cost of the tree and soil preparation.

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Growing our own food is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our planet.

Agua Prieta
The border town of Agua Prieta, Sonora is a food desert. Fresh fruit and vegetables must be imported and are expensive. With an average daily wage of $10, beans, tortillas, soda drinks and junk food are often the only options for our Vecinos residents. Predictably, diabetes, heart disease and weight gain are the ill effects of their poor food choices.1

Gardening Warriors
However, Rancho Feliz volunteers Michael & Sam Martindale and Jeff & Lexine Hebets recognized the problem as also the solution. They took on the task of changing the community by changing the soil. These “Gardening Warriors” manage the Vecinos Gardening Program and are working with the community to take back their health.

Gardening Education
The Program teaches children and adults good health by educating them on where their food comes from and the positive effects on mind and body.  Amazingly, when children plant vegetables, children eat vegetables!

Rigo Romero, the Program’s on-site Master Gardener, has been teaching the Vecinos children and adults that sharing bountiful harvests brings honor, joy and pride. The community is now eating healthy nourishing food, feeding both body and soul.  Rigo has planted 18 fruit trees as well as 7 vegetable gardens. Each garden has been fenced both for protection and to highlight its importance to the community.

Gardening in Northern Mexico is a year round possibility. Something delicious grows in every season.  And here’s the magic – each plant returns itself with thousands of seeds. So for our Vecinos residents, growing their own food is just like printing money!

Since its first harvest, healthy nutritious food has become the desired standard at the Vecinos community. Get involved, join us and become a Rancho Feliz “Gardening Warrior”!

1. [According to a recent UN report, Mexico surpassed the U.S. as the official, “world’s fattest developed nation”. 70% of Mexicans are overweight (33% are obese) and childhood obesity rates have tripled in the past decade. Nearly 70,000 deaths in Mexico each year are caused by weight-related diabetes and more than 400,000 new cases of diabetes are diagnosed annually.]


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