The countdown is on


Eric, Troy, Kevin with our local friend

We arrived safe in Windhoek on Monday! We made it, Mike (the “Hobinator”) made it, the bikes made it, and Eric arrived on Tuesday.

Met the riders and crew we will be hanging with for the 1,200 miles. It’s unfathomable that, like Mike, most have ridden bicycles here from Cairo, Egypt. Tough crowd!

I went for a short ride yesterday. It felt good. It’s the singleness of purpose I like.  Once on the bike all you have to do is pedal. Nothing else really matters.

Gil and Eric

Gil & Eric

Did have one small setback – Kevin was pumping his tubeless tire and the friggen thing exploded! That tire is no longer tubeless.

My sister Elizabeth’s chocolate chip cookies also made it to Africa. They were devoured on the spot. Mike especially liked them. Of course he is burning around 7,000 calories per day so he can eat what he wants.Cookies

Mike, Troy, Kevin & Eric

Our first day begins tomorrow. 114 kilometers on dirt roads.  Hope last night’s Zebra and Kudo steaks (I’m not making this up!) don’t have any negative side effects.

Many thanks to all of you have supported this effort. Gil


Mike ~ “the Hobinator”

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