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Imagine, for a moment, that you have a different kind of life. You are eight years old, one of six children abandoned to the dusty streets. You live in barrio, “Cartonlandia” (Cardboard Land) and home is a frail shack, riddled with holes that let in the wind and the rain. Last winter, your little sister froze to death in her sleep.

For most of us in America, this is impossible to imagine. But it’s the reality that many children awaken to every day in Agua Prieta, a Mexican border town just 200 miles south of Scottsdale, Arizona. As Americans, we have the resources to assist the people of Agua Prieta, bettering their lives through opportunity and education, not handouts.

It’s an even exchange, one that enhances the lives of everyone involved.  By feeding others, we nourish our own souls, often spiritually impoverished by a life of material over-abundance. For our own young people, volunteering in Mexico is an opportunity to enlarge their worldview. We’ve seen firsthand the remarkable changes that occur when young Americans experience how others live. And when we change ourselves, we change the world.

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